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Share our Mission

Engage young people with tools and resources needed to address systemic barriers and develop leadership skills through community building.


Our Vision

A world in which all young people have the opportunity to fully achieve their potentials.

Values We Hold

Love, Respect, Kindness, and Support for one another


Our Story

How did The Black Creek Youth Initative come about?

A group of young people realized the need for a community program that engages young people in the Black Creek and Trethewey neighborhood. The plan was to keep the children and youth busy over the summer of 2018. The management of 25 Martha Eaton Way, the Artisan Charitable Foundation was kind enough to renovate let us use their common (Party) room to run weekly after School drop-in sessions. 

However, as the group grew bigger and bigger from 3 youth on day one, to about 50 youth who currently participate in our programs, there was a need to continue to provide resources and services that meet the needs of the young people. Today, we enjoy partnerships with numerous organizations in our locality and beyond, as well as an able team of volunteers and placement students

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