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Black Lives and the System

An open platform to share stories and address barriers BIPOC face when encountering systems

Around the start of June 2020, The Black Creek Youth Initiative together with community members met with the Toronto Police (Division 12) and our local M.P.P, Faisal Hassan of York-South Region on a virtual Town Hall zoom meeting. We engaged them in conversations around police brutality, black lives, and the treatment of black people in our systems.

Several conversations sparked off during this Town Hall that we saw the need to keep an open platform, online, for people of diverse backgrounds to have conversations around issues affecting black lives when engaging with systems and institutions.

Since then, we have had an online community that meets bi-weekly (Every 2 Thursdays) for 1 hour (6:00 pm to 7:00 pm) to discuss creatively, respectfully and most important, honestly, on ways to improve, demand for accountability and to contribute in making a change on individual and collective basis.

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