Youth Network | Black Creek Youth Initiative | Toronto


At the outbreak of the pandemic, the Black Creek Youth Initiative successfully transitioned its weekly programs to a virtual format, utilizing platforms such as Zoom, Instagram Live, and telephone communication. Our adaptability allowed us to continue offering a wide range of activities designed to support, engage, and uplift our community's youth. Our virtual programming, which has now been implemented, includes:

Art-based workshops that provided a creative outlet for expression.

Informative COVID-19 sessions that kept participants informed and safe.

Virtual social events featuring games, fun, and prizes, which fostered community and connection among the youth.

Initiatives aimed at overcoming isolation and boredom, offering meaningful engagement during these challenging times.

Mental health workshops that supported participants’ well-being and resilience.

A pivotal part of our programming was the ability to offset internet costs for over 30 families, ensuring equitable access to our online resources. This effort not only expanded our reach but also underscored our commitment to inclusivity and support for all members of our community.

These programs have been successfully implemented, enriching the lives of those who participated and strengthening the fabric of our community during a time of unprecedented challenges.

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