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Virtual Learning: What are your experiences with virtual learning

Virtual Learning: What are your experiences with virtual learning

The month of September is coming to an end which means students have completed their first month of school. As we all know we are in a global pandemic which means we are doing school through virtual learning as well as Black Creek Youth Initiative programs and events. With virtual learning there can be advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is you can be at home and get extra time of sleep compared to when you have to go in person to class. However, with virtual learning there have been many downsides which involve less social interactions with other classmates and professionals, issues with technology or accessibility for certain technology. Not everyone has the access and resources to obtain the best quality of education through virtual learning. Some factors can be low income families, bad Wifi, poor working conditions, and many more. The BCYI community tries our best to be inclusive as our Arts Craft program provides the supplies for the youth so everyone can engage and participate in the activities via Zoom and find ways to be collaborative. It is also a program made for youth to enjoy and interact with others through the use of creativity with arts and crafts. I am curious to hear about your experiences with virtual learning as I am excited to read them all!

By Gauri Raj, Placement student from Ryerson University:

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