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Black History Month

Black History Month

During Black History Month, people in Canada celebrate achievements and the contributions of Black Canadians and their communities who have done so much to make Canada culturally diverse and compassionate throughout history. It is important that we honour these contributions that Black people have made and continue to make within our country. It is also about recognizing Black people’s rights to equal opportunity and freedom from discrimination in Canada.

Take this month as an opportunity to understand Black histories, read stories and facts about some important people and their achievements. Some prominent figures are:

­Martin Luther King Jr.: He was a minister who led the civil rights moments and made an impact on race relations in the USA

Harriet Tubman: She escaped slavery in and led hundreds of enslaved people to freedom along the route of the Underground Railroad.

Rosa Parks: She was a civil rights leader and refused to have her seat replace to a White person on a segregated bus. This led to nationwide efforts to end racial segregation.

Muhammad Ali – He was a boxing champion and known for his brave public stance.

Jackie Robinson – First Black athlete to play Major League Baseball

What are some ways you can learn more about Black History Month?

– Read stories or articles about some more prominent figures and their achievements and impact

– Participate or visit festivals and events that are around during the month of Black History Month

– Ask a friend or a person you are close to who may know more information to teach you

– Watch videos on YouTube or other platforms to learn more.

Drop down and comments or questions you have regarding Black History Month, and we will get back to you! I am looking forward in reading all your responses!

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