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Hi everyone! For many children and youth March break is just around the corner. With that being said, I thought it would be a great idea to share some possible things you can do during the break. The purpose for this, is to provide ideas for young people to do things that might interest them. Additionally, it will provide the opportunity to enjoy their break by practicing self-care.

There are variety of different things you can do like staying in bed sleeping in, to playing your favourite games, readings your favourite books etc. I remember I would like to catch up on sleep or go visit my friends. As we know we are still in a pandemic so it might be hard to go on adventures and visit friends or friends in large settings. Here are some ideas on what you can do virtually or independently at home.

· Play your favourite video game or free online games with your friends or by yourself

· Bake your favourite treats (cookies, cakes, cake pop) Note: make sure you are supervised by an adult

· Artistically create new things (painting, drawing, colouring, playdough etc.)

· Read books you have been wanting to read during your spare time

· Catch up on movies and tv shows

· Sleep in! Get in those extra hours of sleep to make yourself feel energized

· Video chat your friends and play games or do activities together virtually

If you will be doing any activities from this list, please share what you will be doing! If you have some ideas that are not on the list, please share!

Hope everyone has a fun and safe March break!

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